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About Us

About P&L

P&L provides outsourced finance, systems and relationship management solutions. As a one stop outsource shop we partner with some of New Zealand's largest and most successful companies. If you are looking to realise some of the efficiencies that business process outsourcing brings talk to us today. We get to the heartbeat of each organisation we work with to make sure they get the best return on their investment. We are dynamic and make sure that what we do, we do well. With a goal of continuous improvement there are three key drivers to our business:


Knowledge and experience just isn't enough. We recruit staff with a genuine passion for their work, a desire to provide world class service to their customers and the people skills to make it enjoyable. We invest heavily in their training and encourage feedback.


We invest in future proof technology and have developed customised tools and solutions in addition to our third party platforms. We maintain strong relationships with preferred suppliers that allow us to offer great products at a fair price.


We're always looking for ways to improve our services and optimise processes. We get great ideas from our customers and provide them in return. You can be certain we wll ask for your feedback, listen carefully and continue to evolve.

Interested in our services? Let's talk today! Drop us a line or send an email. View our contact details.

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